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Custom Energy Trading Platform Puts South American Commodities Trading Company Successfully On The Playing Field

Pontevedra Energy Exchange ( is one of Latin America's first physical broker of crude oil and products, offering producers and exporters the most transparent, equitable and seamless commodities trading platform for price discovering and trade execution of crude oil, naphtha diluents (C5+), and distillate sales.

Prior to the development of Pontevedra's commodities trading platform, their spreadsheet tracking interface, sticky notes, phone and chat programs deemed them an unsustainable business model due to lack of technology and compliance with government regulations. In order to become a market maker and compete at the front of the game our client realized they must have a Commodities Trading Exchange Platform to facilitate the market and transactions. When Pontevedra came to Techwuli, they had solicited a number of prototypes from other companies but the technology and user experience was not to their standards.

Always thinking from a client perspective, we look at what presently exists; what do they require immediately that can be built in a cost effective way to fit current business needs, while allowing for enhanced functionality and scalability for growth

Techwuli built a cutting edge, secure internet-based electronic bid/offer quotation and trading report platform, with a user-friendly interface that allowed for future expansion. This platform allows posting, monitoring and trading of physical Latin American commodities with the use and intermediation of live brokers. 

We were able to provide a superior product tailored to our client's needs and establish a phased-in approach to accommodate changes and future growth

Our job was to build our client a trader-friendly system within their budget that was scalable.  Our custom software product has allowed this company to move from an archaic, phone based, manual interface to a highly advanced, fully automated process that integrates all pertinent trading segments and international compliances, while providing the ability to capture transactions, make quick trade executions and sufficiently monitor and report critical data. This commodities trading platform now allows this company to successfully penetrate and compete in the Latin American commodity markets.  Since the implementation of this product, Pontevedre is now one of the top competitors in its industry.





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